At Great Life RE, we are committed to selling your home as quickly as possible for the best price while ensuring you have the best home selling experience in the process.

Our exclusive marketing approach helps to ensure we deliver on this promise. We know that different properties appeal to different buyers and that is why we design a custom marketing and messaging plan for each home we represent for sale.

There are no cookie cutters here. Your home is showcased in just the right way to the highest potential home buying audience. We identify the best mix of online digital and offline marketing solutions to market your home to buyers who will love it! (social media channels, digital display and video advertising, real estate and digital website syndication, email marketing, print and outreach to brokers)

Our step-by-step process is custom designed to fit your unique home and specific needs. We cover all of the elements to assure we are merchandising and marketing your home successfully. From pre-listing home preparation to prelaunch promotion, to full property marketing and ongoing promotion towards the successful closing of your home sale.

Signing the listing agreement with us is only the start of our partnership.

Our marketing strategy is extensive and our investment in getting your home sold is significant. We are in this with you every step of the way.



Step 1: Creating The First Impression

We only have one first impression. We work with you to show off all of your home’s wonderful features and offer home staging advisement to help you add, edit or re-arrange what you already have to set the stage.

Step 2: Crafting The Narrative Story Of The Home Story

The professionally written narrative tells the story of what makes this house a great home. To a potential home buyer this is far more than a house, it’s their life. Helping them see how they will experience a great life in it is imperative.

Step 3: Producing Professional Visuals


Step 4: The Prelaunch Process

This is a significant step in marketing your property. Stumbling on this can cost you real money particularly when buyers don’t value the home enough to make solid offers.

Missteps often happen here when others may rush to post a new listing in the MLS and to get a sign in the yard without having any other marketing strategy planned or marketing components in place.

At Great Life RE, our prelaunch activities are designed to prepare your marketing message to appeal to potential home buyers and to take the critical steps necessary to build an online presence that creates a great impression right out of the gate.

  • A “coming soon” prelaunch campaign
  • A featured property landing page for your property
  • Professional photographs (with address and descriptions in the file name
  • for SEO purposes) on the landing page
  • Social media advertising campaign design
  • Social media post creation and scheduling for property launch
  • Home video tour editing and scheduling to publish at launch
  • Defined home showing instructions communicated to showing services and detailed on the listing brief instructions
  • Electronic lockbox ad tracking system with qualified agent access installed


Step 5: The “Coming Soon” Strategy

This works exceptionally well on a number of fronts. It creates excitement for the property to hit the market and it develops a list of potential home buyers interested and anxious to see it quickly.

We place a Great Life RE branded sign on the property with a “Coming Soon” sign rider. We launch a “Coming Soon” advertising campaign on social media targeted towards a large target audience segment.


Step 6: Announcing Your Home For Sale

We are ready to announce that your home is for sale through a combination of traditional and online sales channels.

By using online marketing to connect with buyers, personal marketing to promote your property to our Great Life RE contacts and a combination of direct, online and offline marketing to connect with real estate agents, your property gets full exposure to prospective buyers.

We begin by promoting the home in the Knoxville Area Board of Realtors MLS service with a detailed, professionally written description, color photographs and links to the custom property assets created to showcase the home.

Email announcements promoting this new property on the market will be shared with both our proprietary database list of potential home buyers and our national network of real estate agents.

Your property will also be promoted to all of the Great Life RE associates during our office meeting along with all of the specific key selling features of the home.


Step 7: Digital Distribution In All The Right Places

The internet is the #1 way buyers are discovering their next home. We fully leverage the opportunity to strategically use the web as a sales channel. By applying industry best-practices, you can rest easy knowing the web presence for your home will be viewed perfectly by potential home buyers on any device and through any available search channel.

We begin by featuring your property on the Great Life RE website.

See the full Great Life RE website promotion for the Wish List Lake House:


Regional, National and Global Reach

Your property listing along with all the descriptive and visual assets will be promoted to the leading national real estate search websites and will also be distributed to hundreds of real estate, niche interest, specialty and publisher websites across the web. Each with an audience who may be interested in purchasing a home or actively engaged in the home seeker process


Step 8: Turning Likes Into Leads

We craft a gorgeous marketing campaign for your home and promote it on social media. Our targeting and placement strategy ensures your home is seen by the highest potential buyers on the social media channels they frequent the most.

We market extensively on Facebook. Our campaigns are designed to generate interest in your property and enable us to connect with prospective home-seekers in a meaningful way quickly.

We market extensively on Facebook. Our campaigns are designed to generate interest in your property and enable us to connect with prospective home-seekers in a meaningful way quickly.


Step 9: The Magic Of Knowing When Buyers Are Interested

Knowing when potential home buyers are interested in your property at the time they are considering it sounds impossible, right? Not for us! We have exclusively deployed a patented technology that notifies us when a potential home buyer is “Hot” on your property. In other words, we know when they are on our website viewing your home.

We call these “Magic Moments” as they enable us to connect with prospective homebuyers at the exact time they are exhibiting the highest interest in your property.


Step 10: Measuring Results

Throughout the sales campaign cycle, we check the data and evaluate whether the messages and images are getting noticed by potential buyers at the expected level.

We constantly test and make adjustments as necessary so that we maximize exposure of your home to potential buyers.


Of course, there is much more that goes into our approach than this... but that stuff isn't nearly as much fun to read about.

Plus, we can't give away the entire recipe ;-)


All the marketing in the world won't matter if you don't have the right agents representing you. Choosing an agent is a big deal and we get that. Take a look at what sets us apart from others and why our clients recommend us over and over!